The National Directory of Mental Health Professionals provides information about Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Clinical Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Substance Abuse Counselors, and Professional Counselors to assist consumers who are seeking mental health services, such as individual and family counseling or marital therapy.

Every state establishes its own criteria for licensing mental health professionals, and often different states have different titles for the various license categories. All licensed mental health professionals can list their practice in the National Directory of Mental Health Professionals. We request licensing information from all listed professionals at the time that they are listed in the directory. However, the status of a mental health professionalís license can change at any time based on consumer complaints, or failure to comply with licensing board regulations. Therefore we cannot guarantee the license status of any mental health professional listed in this directory. We recommend that consumers verify the license status of a mental health professional before they schedule an appointment. We provide contact information for the various professional licensing boards in every state to help you to check the license status of a mental health professional, including links to the licensing board websites. Many states now provide online verification of a professionalís license, and indicate when the license information was last updated. This allows you to have the most up to date information about a professional prior to making an appointment.


New Jersey Directory of Mental Health Professionals