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Mental Health USA is affiliated with Psychology Information Online www.psychologyinfo.com. The National Directory of Psychologists, as part of Psychology Information Online, has provided online practice information for licensed psychologists since 1999. The National Directory of Psychologists has been very successful, and ranks in the top ten on the major search engines for many related search terms.

The National Directory of Mental Health Professionals, as a central part of Mentalhealth-USA, offers the same consumer access for all licensed mental health professionals. Both directories will be linked, and psychologists can be listed in both directories at a discount. In addition, there are two useful options available in the new directory. You can place your picture in your directory listing, and you can include your name in the web page address so it can be used as a one page website until you develop a full website for your practice. We also have plans to provide a variety of search options for consumers to locate professionals with specific expertise within their geographic area. All this is provided at a fraction of the cost of some other online directories.

Some directories claim that they verify professional licenses prior to listing a professional in their directory. This can lead to a false security for consumers, because a professional may receive disciplinary action after the listing was placed in the directory. In both the National Directory of Psychologists and the National Directory of Mental Health Professionals, we provide licensing board contact information to allow consumers to verify the current license status of all listed mental health professionals.

Mentalhealth-USA includes the National Directory of Mental Health Professionals, licensing board information for licensed mental health professions in each state, and original articles published by mental health professionals.

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Within each state directory, we provide a list of all articles published on our website by mental health professionals in that state. This allows consumers to review articles written by local professionals about the problems that concern them.

Listing your practice in the National Directory of Mental Health Professionals costs only $5.75 per month, and psychologists can also be listed in the National Directory of Psychologists for an additional $2.00, or a total of $7.75 per month. Currently, psychologists can be listed for one year in both directories for only $5.75 per month, as part of a promotion.

We also have special rates for multiple office listings and group practices. At this low rate, a listing is cost effective if you receive even one referral per year. In fact, it is cost effective even if you receive one referral in three years! (Listing your practice in the National Directory of Mental Health Professionals for three years would cost only $207.00. Assume that most clients receive between 12 and 20 sessions of treatment. Then do the math, and decide for yourself if it is cost effective.)

Your listing in the National Directory of Mental Health Professionals will be on a static page, not part of a database. This allows search engines to index your listing, and we include search optimization information in the source code for your listing at no additional cost. The URL or web address for your listing is simple:


The state is the two letter state abbreviation and your id is a number (e.g. 101), your last name, or your first and last name for common surnames. Please refer to our price list for all costs related to your listing in the National Directory of Mental Health Professionals.

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