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Online publication is an excellent way to demonstrate your professional knowledge and expertise to the public while providing a gateway to your professional practice. Your online article provides useful consumer education information about a mental health problem or treatment procedure. By posting the article online, you become known as a mental health professional with knowledge about that problem or service. The article also provides consumers with your contact information, and a link to either your practice website or your Mental Health USA listing in the National Directory of Mental Health Professionals. Prospective clients can contact you for more information about your services, and they already know something about your expertise.

In 2008, Psychology Information Online logged over 1 million unique visitors and averaged over 3.8 million hits per month. We are launching Mental Health USA as a companion website to build on the popularity of Psychology Information Online, but with a greater emphasis on content produced by practicing mental health professionals throughout the United States. Content posted on larger high volume websites tends to be ranked higher by search engines, and multiple cross-linking between the websites will help build the rankings of both websites. We suggest posting the same article on both websites, as this will maximize your online exposure.

There are many options for publishing articles on our websites. You can describe your treatment approach to a specific problem, or highlight one of your services. You can also review or summarize professional journal articles. We recommend selecting a topic that will allow you to demonstrate your expertise with a specific problem. The articles should be written for the general public, and we recommend 500-750 words, but this is a guideline not a rule. All articles are subject to editorial approval. We reserve the right to screen, edit and approve any article for placement on the site. We reserve the right to reject any article, for any reason. All editorial decisions are final.

All published articles will include your byline, a brief biographical statement, contact information for the author, and a link directly to your website or to your listing in the National Directory of Mental Health Professionals. You retain the copyright to the article. You may also simultaneously publish the article on your own website.

The regular cost of publishing an article is $40.00 per month, plus an additional $10.00 per month to publish the article on both websites. During this promotion, you can publish your article on both websites for a total of $25.00 per month, and that rate is guaranteed for two years from the date of publication. You can discontinue online publication of your article at any time, with 30 days written notice of cancellation. At the end of the two-year promotion, you will be charged the regular monthly rate.

The writer stipulates that s/he is the author of the article, or holds the copyright to the article. The writer agrees to hold Psychology Information Online, Mental Health USA, and Donald J. Franklin, Ph.D., harmless, in any claims of plagiarism or copyright infringement, brought by any person or entity, regarding the online publication of this article. The writer agrees to be responsible for any damages that result of any claim of plagiarism or copyright infringement, based on the publication of the article online.